Françoise PUJOL,
piano, voice, composition,

Multiple Artist,
who mainly succeeded in jazz,
(1st Solist prize (La defense, France), 1st woman selected in National Jazz Orchestra,
invited by Richard Bona, broadcasted on ” Jon Hammond TV show ” in New York…);
but who never stopped to play classical music,
(national (CA) & international ( Finale Ligure, Italy) prices,
with always a touch of lyrics & humor (rap, slam, poetry), in her world.

was born in Marseille, where she had her 1st revelation,
hearing the organs play at church;
then she knew she would be a musician.
she learnt the piano at five, because there was one at home,
and her older brother already played.
today she would prefer to play trombone, bassoon and ! electric guitar;
instruments you can carry, play in any kind of orchestra,
and from which, you can get long sounds.
she grew in hearing Bach, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin or Léo Ferré…
at the same time, in the same house.
so for her, they all have the same importance, in her mind, spirit, and heart.

her different travels, allowed her to discover that, playing together the classic music,
and the jazz music, was recognized as a quality.
with time, she finally mixed classical and jazz styles in her concert programs.
especially since she began to compose, you can naturally hear in her music,
the presence of this 2 different styles, which deeply inspired her, and
at the end, reveals her real and original personality.


different jazz concerts in RADIO FRANCE.

played with american trumpet player Randy BRECKER.

invited by Richard BONA to play with him 4 years; he will also play on her 1st CD :
” Françoise PUJOL ” (Night & Day / Pan Music).

one year on tour with National Jazz Orchestra (ONJ).

6 months on tour with French pop singer : RENAUD.

6 months on tour with comic ” Font & Val “, from ” CHARLIE HEBDO ” French Review.

invited to play in New York by Mark PENDER
( BB.KING’s & Bruce SPRINGSTEEN’s Trumpet player).

performs for ” BÖSENDORFER ” in ” Namm Convention Show ” (LA.USA),
& ” Musik Mess ” (Frankfurt / GERMANY).

performs (jazz trio) in ” New Morning Paris “, opening Arshie CHEPP 4tet.

performs 2 pianos with Andy EMLER (jazz) & Marie – Josèphe JUDE (classic).

invited to RADIO LUGANO (Switzerland) at ” Jazz Woman Festival “. (played in 4tet).

Contemporary Music Concert in SIENNA (Italy) with Franco DONATONI’s class &
in – Paris * B.I.M.C * – (International Contemporary Music library,
created by great Slovenien Composer : Bosidar KANTUSER ).

invited to play in RADIO – FRANCE – MUSIQUE by French jazz pianist : Martial SOLAL.

invited as ” Guest of Honor ” by Paco SERY (drummer) in ” BIBICI Jazz Festival “,
(Congress Palace of ABIDJAN (Ivory Coast).

invited to play in duo ” Piano – Sanza ” with Paco SERY (Uzeste & “Petit Journal” Paris).

invited as ” side – woman ” or composer in different CDs :
” SAFAR “, Steve SHEHAN; ” LOVE TRIP ” (SONY (Tréma) Compilation;
RENAUD ” Live à la MUTUALITE “; ” FONT & VAL ” au ” Casino de Paris “
(comic duo from ” CHARLIE HEBDO ” French Review); NicoSTRAZZULLO; ONJ 92;
” FRIOUL – SEOUL ” (music : F.Pujol, for ” Ropedancing ” (theater and dance show),
in ” Modern Art Museum ” of SEOUL, south Corea).


selected by Jack GARFEIN (who created the ACTOR s STUDIO in LA.USA),
to compose & play for Theater Shows, in ” Théatre Montmartre Galabru “, Paris.

wrote & performed a ” songs & comics show “, ” Will & Toc “, in duo.

invited as pianist & composer on ” ROPEDANCING ” Theater & Dance Shows,
in SEOUL, south Corea, a ” Mongol Mongol Production “, (who still didn t pay me).

a song, ” la Mouche Lumière ” (the shine fly), released on the CD ” Love Trip “
( SONY (Tréma) Compilation).

1st CD production : ” Françoise PUJOL ” (compositions). ” Night & day ” (Pan Music);
recorded with Richard BONA on basse, and Chris HENRY on drums.

2nd CD ” LUMEN “, recorded with Linley MARTHE on basse, Paco SERY on drums,
Olivier AJAVON on guitar…auto produced, looking for different partners, Label…


5 years Chorist in ” Paris Bach Ensemble ” dir : Justus von Websky,
in ” St Mattheus’s & St Johann’s Passions “, & ” Bach’s B minor Mass “.

singer in her ” songs & comics ” creation show ” Will & Toc “.

sings in ” Lip – Sync ” for TV Movies.

performed in ” Slam ” or ” Rap ” Battles, in France or Germany.


Piano Teaching Classes in different Music School or Conservatory.

individual piano lessons.

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